ServiceActivator: Metric Of Success

Posted by Bobby Gaudreau ● Nov 16, 2020 7:36:00 AM

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The Activator platform is all about putting better data in your hands to improve marketing effectiveness, efficiency, production, and profitability.

What sets ServiceActivator apart is that it uses a simple concept; follow the car, find the customer. How does this work? Service Activator follows the VIN; which works like the vehicle's fingerprint or personal identity. In instances where the vehicle may have had more than a fair share of owners in its day, ServiceActivator can locate the current owner.

As information is updated, Activator re-strategizes, develops and delivers hyper targeted marketing messages to VINs that can be found within your Market Area; this, in turn, results in higher service-based revenue. ServiceActivator does not just bring in oil changes, but it also introduces good quality service visits; it provides complete and accurate in-market data to ensure that you get the right customer information. 

But what does all that actually mean

We think it’s best to let the numbers explain.

Check out our new guide, Metrics to Success. Inside, you’ll find our platform’s success rates in increasing opportunities and maximizing revenue and see just how powerful data can be in transforming your marketing metrics.


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