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Posted by Marci Trares ● Nov 6, 2020 7:03:00 AM


Dealerships in the automotive industry tend to have a hard time keeping tabs on a vehicle owner and marketing the right dealership service, especially when the vehicle's ownership keeps changing. All these and more have been made easier with ServiceActivator. ServiceActivator provides the much-needed support for dealership and auto service managers in having a firm grasp over auto dealership services, retaining customers, and capturing potential customers' attention to their dealership.

How ServiceActivator Works

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 4.55.16 AMClean Up Your Data

ServiceActivator leverages smart technology to continually cleanse data to ensure that you are less likely to use inaccurate data when marketing to customers. Retrieved data includes new emails and correct physical addresses through email-append and NCOA data processes.

Follow The Vin

VIN tracking is a powerful feature within ServiceActivator that goes beyond the DMS data to connect you with a vehicle's current owner and avoid running into marketing dead-ends. 

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Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 4.55.39 AMKnow Your Customer's Journey

ServiceActivator utilizes smart technology to determine your customers' needs, engagement, and interaction to increase appointments and revenue by offering multiple paths and touchpoints to help connect with your customers wherever they are. 

Automate And Optimize

With automation, you can maximize your service drive and faster with strategic marketing campaigns. ServiceActivator puts the power of automation to work in sending relevant, engaging, and timely messages to your customers. ServiceActivator strives for the best by pursuing every opportunity in your market. 

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About Activator Dealer Solutions

Dominate dealership sales and service in the showroom and online, by tapping into multiple data sources beyond the DMS. Leverage smart technology to cleanse data, identify targets, and, reach customers and conquest opportunities that are actively looking to buy or service.  Market effortlessly across key dealership touchpoints within Activator,  an award-winning customer intel platform.

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