Find out how following the VIN will increase your dealership’s sales

Posted by Bobby Coy ● Sep 1, 2020 12:59:35 PM

AdobeStock_88579971Certainly, you know the Vehicle Identification Number, VIN, is a critical piece of vehicle sales and maintenance. However, did you know that following the VIN can also help maximize your marketing? 

Yes, much like your own social security number, every vehicle is given a VIN that distinguishes it from any other vehicle on the road. Historically, dealerships rely on the VIN to understand a vehicle’s maintenance record and performance history. A quick glance into the VIN can reveal several insights, including whether the vehicle has been in a crash if it’s currently registered, and who it’s registered to.

With data-driven platforms like Activator, you can now go further, making the VIN a valuable piece of your dealership marketing strategy.


The VIN’s role in dealership marketing

When the owner of a vehicle changes, the transaction is connected directly to the VIN. This is the case, whether it’s your dealership selling the vehicle or when the owner sells their vehicle to a friend. 

AdobeStock_355406720When it comes to your dealership’s marketing, following the VIN enables you to connect with the vehicle’s current owner even if this is not the same person you sold the vehicle to initially.

Many dealerships encounter issues with this aspect of their marketing strategy because they assume the person they sold the vehicle to still owns it, when in fact, the vehicle has been handed over to someone else. This mistake can cost the dealership marketing dollars, sending personalized offers for service or other follow-up messages to the wrong person. 

Some dealerships use their own internal systems when it comes to marketing. For instance, a dealership may pull records of their vehicle sales for a specific model or a certain time period and put those buyers into selected campaigns. Or a dealership may simply go by the customer’s last date of service to anticipate when they might need servicing again. 

All those processes can be effective, as it allows the dealer to tailor their messaging to a relevant audience but it doesn’t account for the times a person may no longer own the vehicle that’s reflected on records. 


How to improve your dealership marketing by following the VIN

Dealers benefit from relying on the VIN information rather than their own records when developing a marketing outreach. VINs contain the most up-to-date information regarding vehicle ownership and potential contact information, ensuring communication with the right person. 

AdobeStock_64255757The Activator platform follows the VIN, not just the original buyer. This deeper level of data allows you to market to the person who actually owns the vehicle, independent of owner history. The goal is to identify subsequent owners, buyers who have purchased the vehicle from the original owner, or conquest owners looking for dealerships to continue service. After identifying them you can provide them with the same communication and services as you would customers who are already in your records.

Ready to maximize your marketing dollars? Watch Activator in action.


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