Digital Car Selling During COVID and Beyond

Posted by Marci Trares ● Sep 17, 2020 9:41:11 AM

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If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that companies that have been able to adapt and pivot to the current situation, stand the best chance of surviving. You could even argue that this has always been the case due to how consumer preferences change, as well as business’s services, products, and delivery model.

At this time, that shift is taking a digital approach across industries, including the way people buy and sell cars. has already proven it can work. Now, dealers must find a way to adapt this concept to their own showrooms.


What is Digital Retailing?

Digital retailing is simply the extension of your inventory in a digital format. Adopting this new process allows customers to browse, shop, and even buy from the comfort of their own home or wherever they may be.

The concept of digital retailing is far from new. Online shopping has been around for decades, yet many dealerships have yet to adopt it. Understandably so, strong relationships in car sales require a personal aspect that may be hard to replicate digitally. But with the right tools, your website can become a perfect extension of your showroom.


Going Beyond Car Sales

Digital retailing should have communication at its heart, much like in-person transactions. It’s not about just closing deals, but rather building long-term relationships that will turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.

To successfully accomplish this, dealers need an easy way to create personalized communications at scale. In fact, 70% of dealers we surveyed say it’s absolutely important to be able to deliver personalized marketing messages to their customers, both now and when things go back to normal. Those who prioritize strong communications, even during slow times like COVID, will stand the best chance of being top of mind when buyers are ready to make a purchase or recommend you to someone who is.

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Enable Your Digital Communication Strategy

COVID continues to have an impact on automotive sales and service. These effects aren’t leaving at the same rapid pace in which they came. Dealers can help secure their future by meeting customers where they are, delivering the same high level of personalization they expect from your showroom.

Download our infographic, highlighting the latest insights on automotive digital retailing.



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