Alan Andreu - VP of Product Management and Development

Posted by Activator Dealer Solutions Team ● Aug 13, 2020 1:55:19 PM


Alan Andreu

Meet Alan Andreu, our Vice President of Product Management and Development at Dominion Dealer Solutions. Alan began his career in the automotive industry after he dropped out of college to go work as a programmer with one of his professors. Here, he helped write an F&I Solution for used car dealerships. It was at this moment that Alan fell in love with the automotive industry and was recruited to sell cars.


In November 1983, Alan began working in the Finance Office, spending 15 years as an F&I Manager at 4 different local dealerships. During this time, Alan Andreu Inc. was born, the first of 11 businesses Alan founded. In September 2006, Alan co-founded Intelligent Marketing Systems LLC. and began working on DealActivator. Alan sold IMS to Dominion Dealer Solutions in 2011, DealActivator along with Alan became part of the Dominion family and the rest is history!

Today, Alan leads an amazing team of product and development professionals to bring innovation to automobile dealerships. He is always striving to find new ways to better himself as a leader and share his passion with others.

When he’s not leading his excellent team, Alan can be found playing racquetball and weekend tailgating in his family RV at Florida Field for Gator Games.  Alan is married with three adult children and one grandchild.


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